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No matter who you are or where you’re going, there’s a Rio that is sure to bring out your very best. There’s no longer a need to compromise on style when searching for that perfect combination of comfort, economy and functionality.

Rio 4


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Back Warning System

Back Warning System

When reversing into a parking space, an alert sounds
if you get too close to other cars or obstacles.

Six Airbag System & The Strength of Steel

Six Airbag System &
The Strength of Steel

Providing protection and reassurance is a six airbag system comprising two front airbags, two curtain airbags and two side airbags.
Underneath, a reinforced high tensile steel sub-frame offers strength where it’s needed most.

Auto Defog System

Auto Defog System

Detects mist on the windscreen and automatically deploys the fans to defog the screen rapidly, saving you from having to engage buttons manually.

Electronic Brake Distribution

Electronic Brake Distribution

If you have to brake and swerve suddenly, EBD / ABS applies the correct amount of brake pressure to each individual wheel so that you maintain control.


Overall length 4,370
Overall width 1,720
Overall height 1,455
Wheelbase 2,570
Wheeltread (front) 1,521
Wheeltread (rear) 1,525
Overhang (front) 815
Overhang (rear) 985
Leg room (front) 1,112
Leg room (rear) 790
Head room (front) 1,015
Head room (rear) 955
Shoulder room (front) 1,350
Shoulder room (rear) 1,324
Minimum ground clearance 140


Kappa 1.2 Gasoline Engine
  • Displacement 1,248 cc
  • Max. Power 84 ps (61.8 kw) @ 6,000rpm
  • Max. Torque 12.3 kg.m (120.66 N.m) @ 4,000rpm

Gamma 1.4 Gasoline Engine
  • Displacement 1,396 cc
  • Max. Power 107 ps (78.5 kw) @ 6,300rpm
  • Max. Torque 13.8 kg.m (135.4 N.m) @ 4,200rpm


All-New Radiator Grille

LED side repeaters

All-New Radiator Grille

LED positioning lamps

All-New Radiator Grille

LED rear combination lamps


All-New Radiator Grille
Precision and ergonomics by design

Intuitive center fascia

All-New Radiator Grille
The clear, back lit trip computer in your car

Supervision cluster with trip computer

Kia Rio 4-door Exterior 01

A talented trio for every lifestyle

Kia Rio 4-door Exterior 02
Kia Rio 4-door Exterior 03

A personality that’s sure to attract

Emanating flair from every angle, the Rio’s low, wide stance and short overhangs give it a strong, youthful identity all of its own.

Kia Rio 4-door Exterior 04

The perfect family getaway companion

Kia Rio 4-door Exterior LED side repeaters

LED side repeaters

Kia Rio 4-door Exterior LED positioning lamps

LED positioning lamps

Kia Rio 4-door Exterior LED rear combination lamps

LED rear combination lamps

Kia Rio 4-door Exterior Aero blade wipers

Aero blade wipers

Keeps the wiper blades in contact with the windscreen at high speeds.

Kia Rio 4-door Exterior Solar control glass

Solar control glass

Reduces the penetration of heat rays for a cooler cabin.

Kia Rio 4-door Exterior Sunroof


Adds another dimension to the Rio – letting in plenty of light and fresh air and letting you make the most of the summer sunshine.

Kia Rio 4-door Exterior Rain sensor

Rain sensor

Senses raindrops on the windscreen and activates the wipers accordingly.

Kia Rio 4-door Exterior Wheels



Kia Rio 4-door Interior 01

Precision and ergonomics by design

While the ergonomically-designed cockpit puts the driver in control, the dashboard’s harmonious interplay of form and function is given an extra touch of class by the use of high-grade finishing materials.

Kia Rio 4-door Interior Center fascia

Center fascia

The controls of the center fascia are logically arranged for intuitive fingertip operation, adding to the convenience and comfort and making driving a complete pleasure.

Kia Rio 4-door Interior Supervision cluster with trip computer

Supervision cluster with trip computer

The clear, back-lit trip computer in the center of the supervision cluster provides essential journey information such as distance to empty and optimum fuel consumption.

Kia Rio 4-door Interior Bluetooth


Bluetooth lets you make and receive phone calls hands-free, and stream your music through the car’s audio system.

Kia Rio 4-door Interior Steering wheel audio remote

Steering wheel audio remote

Adjust audio settings using just your thumb for enhanced driving safety.

Kia Rio 4-door Interior Telescopic steering wheel

Telescopic steering wheel

Can be positioned closer or further away from you for optimum comfort.

Kia Rio 4-door Interior Auto cruise control

Auto cruise control

Perfect for motorway driving, the auto cruise control switch is handily located on the steering wheel.

Kia Rio 4-door Interior Smart key

Smart key

A neat, compact device that locks and unlocks the Rio with a simple touch of a button.

Kia Rio 4-door Interior Aux USB port

Aux / USB port

Input ports catering to every kind of personal music device provide maximum connectivity.

Kia Rio 4-door Interior Radio CDP MP3

Radio / CDP / MP3

Deep bass, bright and consistent mid-range, detailed treble.
Music lovers will lose themselves in the sound produced by Rio.

Kia Rio 4-door Interior Full auto climate control Cluster ionizer

Full auto climate control / Cluster ionizer

Set the interior temperature then relax as the system automatically maintains the desired climate. Meanwhile, a cluster ionizer keeps the cabin air fresh.

Kia Rio 4-door Interior The intelligent use of space

The intelligent use of space

When something’s compact, you do as much with the available space as possible. The intelligent thinking behind the Rio’s interior has resulted in an airy, comfortable and deceptively roomy cabin.